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The Eleventh


A book by Richard Van White Jr.

About the Book

“Prevail together or surely perish together.”


The mighty Ambros clan have reigned over the Imperium for many centuries, having first seized power following a series of brutal intergalactic wars known as “The Wasting” that ravaged the universe for hundreds of years, destroying entire star systems, sterilizing planets, and decimating populations with natural and engineered plagues. Only through absolute control and their strict adherence to The Eleventh Commandment have the Ambros been able to bring about centuries of interplanetary peace and economic prosperity. But at what cost? Rigid conformity and homogenization? Now, after many years of study at the Academy on Tempel where he’s been carefully groomed as the next leader of the Imperium, Pfizer Ambros is returning to Earth to join his family in inaugurating the Omnividome, a multi-galactic instalink connecting every being in the Imperium. His mother, Emperor-Executrix Anastacia Ambros, intends the Omnividome to usher in a golden age of planetary autonomy and unprecedented intergalactic collaboration. But many fear that a new era of autonomy and self-determination will bring back contentiousness, greed, war and worse—a second Wasting. There are dark forces that want to see this happen, forces that seek to destroy the Ambros and everything they have built. Pfizer and his family are about to discover that even for the most powerful clan in the universe, a single day can change everything.


“It had seemed to Pfizer that his parents had suddenly developed an interest in him. They had him tested, probed and analyzed for acceptance into the illustrious Academy on Tempel- the foremost and oldest center of learning in the Imperium. Of course this attention did not come with any outpouring of emotion from his parents. The Empress-Executrix and the First Lord were busy with their CEO’s and Senior Execs ruling and administering an imperium of more than a million planets.”



“I am less a reader of science fiction than a reader of great stories, and I think this is one…”

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“The Eleventh Commandment is a great book! The characters really drew me in. I enjoyed the “wild ride” that the story took me on…”

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About the author

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Richard Van White, Jr. has long been fascinated by space travel and the mysteries of the universe. His love affair with science fiction began while watching Star Trek on a black and white television in 1969, the same year that man landed on the moon. He soon developed a voracious appetite for all things sci-fi—from classics by Robert A. Heinlein and Frank Herbert to Doctor Who, Space 1999, and the Star Wars Trilogy. This is Richard’s first science fiction novel. He resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but also spends considerable time in Maryland with extended family.

A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to Girl Power 2 Cure, Inc., an organization dedicated to finding a cure for Rett Syndrome, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects girls almost exclusively. The author knows a special young lady living with Rett Syndrome and wants to help her find a cure soon. To learn more about the inspiring work of Girl Power 2 Cure, visit their website at: